Treasure Hunters is for students going into grades 4th-6th in fall 2017. This program is designed for students who have made a commitment to Christ and want to deepen their faith and understanding of God’s word through workshops, interactive teachings, and service projects. Registration is limited for this event.

Registration is $60 and includes t-shirt, daily snack, workshop binder, and most of the supplies for week-end project.  Registration is non-refundable and limited to 70 participants. Please contact Whitney Goetz for additional questions.


Your child will have the opportunity to pick 2 of their favorite workshops (listed below). We will do our best to get them into their top two choices, but you will also be asked to submit a third choice.



Rock Out (Worship)

Do you like music?  In this workshop, you’ll learn all about what the Bible has to say about worship!  We’ll use what we learn in a practical way by learning some awesome songs and actions to share with others.


Assembly Required (Drama)

Do you like to act?  In this workshop, we’ll focus on using your talents and skills to proclaim God's word through speaking and acting.  We will practice being expressive and projecting our voices and emotions so that we can shine God's light through drama and be reminded that the glory is not ours, but His!


Building Blocks (Legos)

Are you an architect in training?  In this workshop we will study some amazing Bible stories and then use Legos to create structures to represent God's message to us. We will also write directions to build a project as we explore God's directions for our own lives.


By Design (Art)

Do you like to get creative?  In this workshop, you will create unique recycled art pieces while learning about the nuts and bolts of our faith.


Project Manager (Leadership)

Are you a leader?  In this workshop you’ll discover what it looks like to be a leader and how to stand out according to your God-given leadership style. We will do some hands-on learning of what the Bible says about leaders, ask how we can apply that to our own lives, and take a personality quiz.


Brainstorming (Doodle, Sign, and Dream)

Do you always have a pen or a pencil in hand?  Then this workshop is for you!  Did you know that doodling is a way to express your faith, too? It's also a fun way to bless others! In this workshop, we'll learn a bit of sign language and enjoy journaling under the big blue sky, too.


Heavy Lifting (Health and Fitness)

Can’t sit still very long?  In this workshop, you won’t sit still for long!  Discover the elements of a healthy lifestyle that will glorify God. We’ll look at exercising, eating, resting, and competing with an intentional purpose of honoring God and sharing the gospel.

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